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Tea Time with... offermoord [FEATURE]

Thu Mar 16, 2017, 1:49 PM

Guess, what's the time for? Yes, it's time for the Tea!

The idea 
Kesbet's Tea Time with... is a series of features of amazing dA artists who already had their five minutes of fame (and made good use of it), or are on the edge of it. For each feature I select three and only three best (in my opinion) pieces from the artist gallery, which most of the time will be a challenge. I also ask (sometimes difficult) questions about art, motivation, inspiration trying to reveal more about the featured artist, and sometimes even some truths about ourselves... After all, behind every masterpiece stands a human worth knowing!

Get ready for a journey into the depths, for a substantial, meaningful yet not straightforward, art. Please welcome a winner of the Memories of Trees Contest [WINNERS], incredibly creative surrealist and his enormous gallery of wonders - offermoord!

Disintegration by offermoord

Q: How long do you make art and what encouraged you to even start?

 I started in kindergarten like everyone else. I picked up drawing again when I was 14, My influences at the time were horror comics and album covers. I never planned being an artist,
I just grew into it in a natural way.

Q: Could you share some insight of how your typical workflow looks like?

I feel like I should draw every day, even when I don't feel like it. I don't have a regular bio-rhythm, so it could be any time of the day, but mostly I work during night time. I only work
like 20 hours a week, so I have enough free time for drawing, painting, or making music.

Q: Let's imagine you are your own viewer, could you describe your art in three sentences (or less)?

In my art I try to do more than one style, The 3 main styles are : regular pencil drawings, abstract painting, and collages. 
My regular drawings range from surreal to psychedelic and horror, In my abstract paintings I try to achieve an organic expressive style. My collage work is mostly surreal, absurd or alienating.

Vanishing Point by offermoord

Q: We all have favorites of all sorts. While speaking with artists we often ask them to give an example of other artists who they admire and take inspiration from. But, I'm not that type. Rather than that, could you give three examples of words you particularly like? They can be from any language - but provide their English translation, please. If you like to, you can explain why they are so special for you.

Imagination, Juxtaposition, Confusion I choose these 3 words because these elements are present in a lot of my work (at least I hope so)

Q: You are clearly fascinated by trees. I'm curious, is there any particular reason behind it?

First of all, I like trees, drawing trees is a good way of expression. I especially like crooked trees surrounded by a deathly atmosphere. It probably reflects the way I feel.
Another thing is, when I haven't got a clue what to draw, it's always good to start drawing a tree & go from there.

Q: When I look at your art, many of your pieces resembles some biological patterns like nerves, neurons, veins, things seen under the microscopy. Am I right or it's totally unintentional?

Yes, you're right. I'm fascinated by patterns, textures and organic structures. I guess I just like to draw trippy stuff. Must be the remnants of Acid stuck in my brains for good.

Earth go Back by offermoord

Q: Do you consider yourself as positive or negative person? Is our art reflecting your inner self or is a therapy, counter reaction for the world we live in?

By society's standards I'm probably a rather negative person. It's true my art is reflecting my inner self AND a reaction on how I view the world. I guess there's no denying I put a lot of negativity in my work. But I do feel positive about the process of creation. I think being able to create and feel good about it, is one of the greatest treasures in life...

Dear offermoord, our art seems different but I assure you we have much in common. Negativity is something many artists have to deal with - for some it's unbearable to create in this state, for others - it's an inspiration.

Thank you for creating art which means something a bit more...


Made by kesbet
Chobek Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, this was really interesting to read .... :) very cool :) I specifically find it interesting how you break down the categories of your work.... 
offermoord Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Thanks for the feature Kesbet! :love: Totally forgot about the interview haha.
You are right, we have much in common, I knew that the moment I saw your work :D
kesbet Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome :) See you around! =D
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